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Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Cooked Food Acidic and Enzymes All Killed

Live Food, (Dried, Fermented, Raw,) Alkaline Forming, Cooked Primarily Acidic

A true paleo-caveman or ancestors diet consists of raw food. Also known as “live food”.

Your ancestors way back may or may not have had fire but was very difficult problem to get it going so was rare even if knew it. Basically food was eaten raw or sun dried and later eaten (Pemmican dried and Fermented foods are examples) Both are live food, preserved but the enzymes have not been killed by heat.

As a diabetic you are likely getting up to an age where your enzyme making ability has dropped off considerably. Enzyme making is necessary to digest cooked food and this function competes with immune system “anti body” making.

Eating raw food, means your combo enzyme immunity factory can turn out immunity fighters instead. Eating all cooked food means your body must manufacture digestion enzymes and this cuts into body’s immune making ability in fighting off what needs to be fought off.

Also raw food diet keeps all the nutrients in the food, yes cooking ANYTHING reduces it’s nutritional value no matter what the cooking method, (some methods far worse than others) There have been studies showing that steaming vegetables, yes simply steaming them, causes them to lose nutrients.

However It is the least damaging. Buy a steamer with timer (under 30 dollars) Cooks exact time, double decker cooks meats veggies same time. Serve in steamer container.

Cooked tomatoes are acidic, raw tomatoes are alkaline. All cooked foods make you become body acidic, Raw leans toward alkaline.

When your body leans heavily to acidic you are subject to all sorts of diseases and illness moving in, Alkaline, body, almost impossible for illness to gain a foot hold. Cancerous bodies are highly acidic.

To be free of diseases keep your body from becoming overly acidic by eating less cooked food.

The highly acid nature of processed and cooked foods is cause for sickness, cancer and other ailments.

The most studied diet ever, is what 35 Billion of your ancestors world wide ate for 2 million years.

Conclusion of those studies: Until the advent of grain and agriculture in the last 10,000 years, and particularly the advent of refined and processed food since 1900, these degenerative diseases that 85% of Americans are now dying of, where almost unheard of.

Research also shows these degenerative diseases were almost unheard of in the indigenous societies around the world until the introduction in the last 200 years of the western diet. These deaths started occurring within 20 years of their introduction to this diet and are now wide spread.

Research also shows that many afflicted with degenerative diseases, as a result of the switch to the western diet, who then returned to their original native diet, fully recovered.

That’s what this book is about, helping you switch to the “Ancestors diet” proven to work for 2 Million years, used here to recover from and stave off further damage from the Western diet.

When you are coming down with something it is important to fast or eat nothing but live food so your immune system is free to develop immunity, not too busy making enzymes for digesting cooked food.

Without going to a lengthy discussion, a proper paleo diet would also consist of everything raw for that is what a paleolithic man would be eating.

You can learn from farmers dealing with animals. They learned, feed pigs raw potatoes, does nothing to the pigs. Feed them cooked potatoes, you can fatten them up.

Cows and other animals naturally graze on grasses. Takes some time to mature, never get fat.

From 1950 on they found that by feeding animals confined in a factory, and force feed almost nothing but cheap government subsidized corn and grains, it was not only cheaper but the animals got fatter and ready for market in almost half the time. Confined indoors cruelly in an almost a life time of no movement.

This compromised their immune systems, (like your enzyme problem mentioned above) is on cooked food) and some became ill and died. So they feed these animals huge amounts of anti-biotic to keep them alive along with hormones to speed their growth.

These factory raised confined (never see day light outside or get any exercise,) exclusively grain fed, their meat becomes in 120 days of grain feeding almost totally converted from Omega 3 to a huge % of Omega 6 fat.

This is a fat that your model body is made to handle only a limited amount and only with an equal amount of Omega 3 fat, you are now getting 20 to 1 Omega 6, with factory forced fed cheap government subsidized corn and grains raised -meat.

This is one of your bodies inflammatory reactions, your body just cannot handle this ratio of these two types of fat. Inflammation is involved with heart attacks etc.

Government subsidized corn and grains force fed is cheap to raise and grass fed natural raised meat is more expensive but worth every penny.

Eat “range raised” eggs. Cage Free is different terminology…not the same, Range raised is what you want.

This is factory farming and is happening primarily in the United States and is the height of cruelty to animals. We almost deserve what we are getting by allowing this to go on.

Our U.S. life expectancy has dropped every year since 1950 compared to other industrialized countries and we are now forty sixth in life expectancy and is still dropping like a stone.

Does this tell you we should look at what is going on here in the United States. Does absolute continued rise in diabetes and obesity since 1950, is now a U.S. health disaster. Financially ruin any health plan..

So they switched U.S. livestock from naturally grazing to being forced to eat a feed mixture of corn and grains. Due to the non-natural diet the animals and poultry become immuno-compromised thus inviting E. coli in and other bacteria’s to make a home in their bodies.

You do not find that in grass raised meats like this.

The huge amount of anti biotics used to keep these animals alive develop super anti biotic resistant bacteria developing new strains causing new problems. Has been banned in Denmark farms.

Government subsidies on these corn and grains make them cheap so that they can produce totally man made oils from corn, cotton seed etc (margarine etc) (bad for heart attacks etc ). Diabetics totally avoid all vegetable oils (all manmade, does not exist in nature)

Avoid high fructose corn syrup at 25 cents a pound, now added to everything. (almost impossible to avoid) Original U.S. Department of Agriculture own studies said it should not be released for human consumption. Farm lobby won out and it is now a huge part of the diabetes and obesity epidemic.

Diabetics do not want to consume a bit of this stuff. It is processed by the liver, real sugar is not and is health food compared to this stuff.

High fructose corn syrup is only in the U.S.

Eating grains and gluten is a problem, nature made substances produced by grains as defense mechanism to ruin the digestive system of grain eating birds. Birds have adopted but man has not and eaten with dairy become an Elmer’s glue concoction that destroys the intestinal lining of many people causing nutritional deficiencies.

Gluten is added to many things as a cheap filler including supplements and is very difficult to get totally out of your diet.

Knowledge is power………..know what you are dealing with and why….

Success as an “in-control diabetic” living fully and lasting to become a “really old person” is not an accident but a carefully planned knowledgeable endeavor.


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