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Sunday, May 22, 2022
Home food Best Bet: Learn To Make Pemmican, Build Lunch Around Pemmican

Best Bet: Learn To Make Pemmican, Build Lunch Around Pemmican

Carry on a Plane etc in Ziplock Bag in Pocket.

A Diabetic Can Cure Their Diabetes Almost Overnight By Going 100% Raw and/or Live Food,

Goal Here Is to Get To 50% Live Food.

You Eat a Standard Diabetic Control Menu,

This is what works in a brown bag. Boiled Eggs always a good bet, will keep for two weeks unrefrigerated.

Raw Baby Carrots, Avocados, Make a salad in a small jar. Walnuts, Almonds, etc Left over chicken leg, etc.

Having a Brown Bag supply available allows a diabetic to eat every two hours.

Nuts work well for one of the two hours snacks.

The idea of eating something fat or protein every two hours is that foods with proteins and fats take two hours to digest. Therefore you have constant energy supplied to your blood stream and your wild sugar swings from an erratic liver sugar supply is controlled eventually.

It will likely take you 21 days of consistent actions to reprogram your automatic sugar control system, to a settled down state.

The whole key is consistency. No varying from the “made for your model body,” menu. Once your automatic system sees no need and is eventually convinced after 21 days of no need for supplying drastic sugar peaks from the liver, blood sugar swings will start to settle down.

However, get off the wagon even once, then your 21 days starts over. Therefore, if you think you got away with “cheating,” you did not. You “cheated yourself” in getting your automatic sugar control back to more normal.

What Your Model Body Was Made to Eat

35 Billion Ancestors Ate this Menu for 2 Million Years and Your Body has The Well Perfected Software To Handle It.

80% Of Your Modern Menu, Your Body Has No Software Programming to Handle, and/or Attempts to Use Wrong Programming or closest it interprets as fit.

Much of today’s input it misinterprets as a threat to survival (much of it is) and you have inflammation going on which is your bodies attempt to destroy it and dispose of the threat. Inadvertently destroying your body in the process.

Pemmican is dried and all Fermented Foods are “Live” food. Jar of Yogurt With Dark Chocolate mixed in makes a great Chocolate pudding.

Yogurt is made from “dead pasteurized Milk and Cream.” However, it is essentially digested by a culture of live bacteria, the fermented process that makes it “live food” not requiring your body to make enzymes to handle it.

Pemmican is “live meat” etc dried under 118 degrees so the natural enzymes have not been destroyed by heat. Two year old pemmican unrefrigerated is still “live food”.

To learn how to Make Your own Pemmican,

Pemmican is quite simply drying food and your ancestors had everything they needed to make pemmican every time they had a big food find. For Example: American Indians caught up with a herd and killed a buffalo or two. They then had 48 hours to preserve it for use over the next month or over winter season etc.

Cut lean meat up in thin strips, hang it in the sun and in 24 hours it is dried out.

Take rocks (no hurry now) grind it into a powder. Grind other foods such as cranberries, dried out to a powder and mix.

Render fat into a liquid. Mix it with the dried powder. Place mixture (Pemmican) into air tight bags, such as buffalo stomach Indians used. (you can use zip lock bags) Keeps for years, no refrigeration. Is balanced meals, easy to carry.

We tell you modern day options to make dried anything and keep it as “live food.”

Keep in mind that commercially made pemmican is not “live” food because government rules require it be ‘sterilized at much higher temperatures or it can not legally be sold. There fore to bother with eating Pemmican, it needs to be homemade, or it is not “live’ food.

Goal Is to Always Eat near 50% of your Food as “live food.” Therefore get in the habit of using as much of your diet raw, fermented or dried as soon as you can.

We will help with instructions on making your own fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, and home made Yogurt.

Of course Pemmican formula is used to make and dry other foods, much of which can be added right in to the Pemmican.

Pemmican is Freedom food for many, particularly diabetics, since it is easy to carry in your pocket and never be caught without the right food again.

Keep in mind a Pemmican can be made as a separate dried Pemmican of other foods and reconstituted with fat.


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